five Latest Kitchen Devices #three

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five newest and coolest(or not) kitchen gadgets amount three.

• SpoonBest –
• Ironate –
• //SKID Knife –
• Spelly Straws –


  1. I invented a strainer with a lid, so when you are straining your favorite pasta and fart. BOOM! You can still enjoy your favorite pasta without the fart infused. Not only will your fart be absent from the pasta, but you are open to add ANY flavor then!!!

  2. instead of a spoon rest, use a plate.

    Ironate is just a thin dutch oven, just buy a dutch oven.

    kulerpro looks like a fan…with a laser thermometer…too small for even their examples.

    skid looks cool, nightmare to sharpen. and with only that thin strip of metal, eventually the glue will wear out connecting it to the wood. a complete piece that connects down the handle(full tang) would be way more secure and safe.

    good luck keeping spelly straws clean and not losing all the pieces. how much does each letter cost? how many sets will I need to buy to write ho ho ho? do I really even use straws that much? nope.

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