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This videos shares the top ten cool spy gadgets and spy gear that you can actually buy! That’s right! These items aren’t limited to the CIA. They are available to the public! From audio jammers to voice changers, these are the coolest spy items!

EricMatthew shares top 10 lists of everything! Top 10 lists are posted on every topic from the top 10 cars to the top 10 dogs. Come join me.

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  1. I noticed no links….I'd like to know where to get the white noise thing & the Windows breaker, wow I'm so glad I didn't toss that computer, never thought it could be so easy to get back in. Thank you thank you ….ur truly helping me & not 4 any bad or wrong reasons…..not that I'd judge anyone else. Cool channel I might hafta sub, Have a great day!!

  2. Why did you include the paint acid in the list of spy-gear. Are you anticipating that you will catch your girlfriend with another guy using one of these items? Then you can use the voice changer to call them and say "It was me – I messed up your paint job….

  3. Matt….I can show you, ALL KINDS, of , MIND BLOWING, COOL, stuff,I, HAVE [not for sale] YOU'RE site is, GREAT!, BUT….WHERE?? , DO WE $$,DO WE BUY ?/ LINKS …..OR, YOU, YES, YOU, COULD SELL THESE….YA, KNOW , BUSINESS??? $$$, just saying….

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