Simple Living Box Set (3 in 1): Your Complete Guide To Simplifying Your Life And Finding Happiness (Simple Living Hacks, Cutting Back Expenses, How To Declutter Your Space)

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Book 1: Simple Living And Loving It: 50 Proven Steps To Simplify Your Life, Downsize And Get More Done In Less Time

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How Did My Life Get So Complicated?
  • Important Steps for Simplifying Your Day
  • Learn Step By Step How to Downsize
  • Learn the Secret to Getting More Done In Less Time
  • How to Put it Into Practice
  • Enjoying More Time to Do What You Like
  • Enjoying the Simplicity of Life
  • Much, much more!

Book 2: Habit Stacking For Simple Living: 50 Simple Life Changes To Declutter Your Life, Downsize And Reduce Stress In 30 Days

In This Book You Will Learn…

  • Learning the Concepts of Habit Stacking
  • Habits to Build for Your Home Life
  • Habits to Build for Your Personal Life
  • Habits to Build for Your Relationships
  • Habits to Build Within Your Career
  • Habits to Build for Your Schedule
  • How to Build New and Lasting Habits
  • Much, much more!

Book 3: Cutting Back And Loving It: 50 Creative Ways To Simplify Your Space, Declutter Your Life And Achieve The Life You Desire

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn Inside This Book…

  • The Difference Between Clutter vs. Necessity
  • Tips to Decluttering and Simplifying Your Living Space
  • Tips for Decluttering and Simplifying Your Personal Space
  • Creative Ways to Simplify Your Decor
  • The Trick to Organizing Your Storage Areas
  • Step by Step Tips on How to Simplify Your Closet Space!
  • Why Downsizing is so Important to Having a Positive Mindset
  • Much, much more!

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