This Gadget Squeezes Your Skull

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This head massager fits on like a helmet and helps make you kind of glance like a storm trooper. Truthfully however if your continuously rubbing your temples or get headaches, this may aid relieve. I identified the practical experience to be really pleasurable.

From the maker –

Massage helmet for head massage, head pain reduction, rest helper.

three massage courses with multi-mixtures of massage modes.

Musical massager – There are three types of tunes for selection – Pay attention tunes though massaging.

Handheld controller to adjust the doing work courses, tunes, time and turn ON/OFF – Established Absolutely free for your fingers.

Adjustable diameter of helmet to meet different head sizing – You would not worry it could not in shape.

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  1. Instead of playing up to the camera like Pewdiepie, you should do an actual review…. You know with some information? Where does it massage? Does it do your widows peak hairline? Does it do the crown? What does it actually feel like, does it twist and massage or does it just squeeze and vibrate? You could have answered all this instead of trying to be funny. Also you buy a product from asia and sneeze, you probably now have SARS virus.

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