Sleek Moves: Driving Insanely Enjoyable Hoverboards | Gadget Lab

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You have witnessed Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and JR Smith cruising on these points. What are they exactly? Are they harmless? Can I acquire just one? WIRED Senior Author David Pierce has the solutions and tips for riding The Scoot, even the knockoffs of the knockoffs.

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Sleek Moves: Driving Insanely Enjoyable Hoverboards | Gadget Lab

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  1. However impractical for me.. I still would love one.. I have to get all the weird stuff… I was the first one to get a Wave board (Rip Stick) one of the first to get Free Line skates etc… I just love things like this!! Btw there's a website that sells refurbs for $175 free shipping… if I didn't just buy a shit ton of car parts, I'd have one…

  2. I would like to put in an official bid that these be called "Personal Transport Vehicles" (PTVs). I think "hover boards" is cool be really only works for 2-wheeled scooters. PTVs would work as an official name, so we could stop calling them "Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters Electric Drifting Board Personal Adult Transporter". Share & like if you agree to spread the word and make it known.

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