A Trip With Cruise, The Gadget That Drives Your Vehicle For You

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Cruise is a new startup that has made what it calls the very first ever “freeway autopilot procedure” for particular cars. TechCrunch’s Colleen Taylor talks with Cruise founder Kyle Vogt, and takes a journey in the self driving auto.

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  1. Yeah… I would just pay 1000 dollars for a combination of adaptive cruise control and lane assist. It's totally not worth the extra 9k dollars. It's not like there are cones or sharp turns on a highway anyway.

  2. Fantastic idea no doubt, but I can't rid myself of the thought of a major crash that has the auto-maker blaming the auto-device company who blames the computer manufacturer and vice versa ad nauseam while the injured occupant(s) await a decision that becomes lost in a legal quagmire. I hope they work I really do, but seems wrong to have to wait till an accident happens to start sorting it all out, but that seems inevitable, as well as the blame game.

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