Voltage regulator tutorial & USB gadget charger circuit

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The basic principles of linear voltage regulators – what they do, how to wire them up, and exactly where to locate them. Then I give a simple case in point of how to build a 5V offer that can energy USB run devices.
five volt regulators: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00H7KTRO6/afromods-20
This online video builds on material covered in my tutorial on creating unregulated energy materials: http://www.youtube.com/observe?v=cyhzpFqXwdA
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  1. How does larger or smaller capacitors effect the results. You talked about input voltages and its effect on heat and efficiency but what about if you don't have 2x10uf and .1x 1uf and you used something like a 30uf?

  2. 10uf  cap, what value would be too little , what would be too much?
    .1uf cap  , what value would be too high, what value would be too low ?
    I don't have either of these sizes in stock.

  3. i have 12 unregulated DC volts on input than 220uF cap than 7805 than 1000uF 25V cap and 0.1 16Vcap…and my cheap multimeter shows 4.85 (what is still enough for Arduino)….is it resistanse of cheap multimeter probes or its a too big cap (1000uF) ?

  4. if I will regulate, my 21V to 15V then from the regulated voltage, I will put another regulator to regulate into 9V and from 9V , I will connect another regulator to regulate into , 4V, is it possible? will I increase the efficiency? I am planning to have a supply from my 21V solar pannel

  5. Oh man. I thought those were just transistors that I'd never understand. What a joke how we've been in the dark on some basics such as Ohms/resistors, Capacitors, Rectifiers, DLP chips. Now I wonder about transistors but can't tell

  6. I built a regulator based USB charger a while back but my phone required certain resistance value on the data pins specifying the suppliable current before it would allow current to flow.

  7. Hello, i want to build phone charger using this 7805 regulator, when the battery is full will it overcharge the battery? Or is it safe because there is already protection from the inside of the phone?

  8. Note for a proper USB dedicated charging port, you should short the data lines together. If you want to make it work for Apple (which chose their own standard) you need some resistors instead.

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