Best Gadget of 2014 – The Gadget Demonstrate

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Jon reveals our favourite gadget of 2014!


  1. Hahaha I can't. He's talking about games and the PS4 has less games than any other 7th or 8th generation console or the PC.

    Then he talks about gadgets lol. Have you ever heard of Kinect on XBOX? Or VR on PC?

    "The huge impact it's had on technology as a whole" What fucking impact does the PS4 have except slowing game developement down since the consoles hardware is so limited, same with XBone.

  2. Huge impact on gaming? it's holding gaming back…. it struggles to run games at 1080p 60 fps in most cases, which is forcing game devs to either reduce game features or reduce the resolution to sub 1080p…. how does this help? And with the average life span of consoles being about 5 years, this is just going to gaming back for years to come…. look at how ubisoft had to nurf watchdogs for the PC dramatically so the "next gen" consoles didn't look so under powered when compared with even average PC's. 

    Even as a media hub is isnt amazing as there are manys of devices that can do just the same, if not better, for a reasonable price, eg: chrome cast, apple tv, roku and amazon fire tv. 

    Really not sure how this is the gadget of the year, especially since it was released about 13 months ago in 2013…. im a bit disappointed in the gadget show as of late 

  3. How can PS4 get gadget of the year when it's prime function is to play games, and the only games available are bloody indie games.
    Analogue sticks ware down or split, PS4's locking up, PSN constant hacks.
    Really surprised by this result to be honest.

  4. Xbox one is out numbering playstation with extra features and more DLC packs and way more console exclusive games and content and it's sales not outnumber Playstation

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