The Gadget Exhibit: iFit Stay

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Pollyanna requires iFit Stay for a exam operate. There’s a lot more films, news and critiques go to


  1. the ifit is a scam. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY IT! google maps api is free and these thieves are charging $12 / month to basically display a picture every 10 seconds or so. Seriously, it sucks. Nice tits, though.

  2. @simon250505 hey im 32 single bloke that likes tech and gorgoues lookng and intelligent women, if i get to see and hear my tech news whilst seeing a beautiful women in her bikini whilst not being arrested and beign able to play back that section over and over again, im happy with that. and as the sayign goes "sex sells"

  3. @Mathewmartialart So are you honestly saying that the current gadget show is better than the old series? It's nothing about being mature enough, the producers are clearly trying to sex up the show which is why we see Pollyanna in a bikini more often than not during the series; even in the intro for the upcoming series they have Suzi and Pollyanna strutting their stuff, it gets stale after a while yet they seem to do that every episode.

    But well done for not thinking about fondling yourself…

  4. @simon250505 see now with me, im mature enough to have the skill to sponge up all the information and see the beauty on the screen without thinking i must fondel my naughty bits, so maybe its you that has the issue and not the way the programe is made.

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