Top 10 Latest Camping Gear Inventions I Best Camping Gadgets I Part-8

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Top 10 Latest Camping Gear Inventions I Best Camping Gadgets I Part-8

***Best Budgets Camping gears:

Top 10 best camping and outdoor Gadgets list:
1. Sonnet 20:38
Amazon link:

2. R2GEAR MK3 17:52
Amazon link:

3. Coleman® Aravis 14:42
Amazon link:

4. Kid-O-Bunk Disc-O-Bed 13:13
Amazon link:

5. Enkeeo’s Mosquito Zapper Lantern 10:40
Amazon link:

6. Coleman® FyreStorm PCS 08:00
Amazon link:

7. Comprest 04:06

8. Columbia Sportswear 03:38
Amazon Link:

9. The Kachula 03:05
Amazon link:

10. SKINNERS 00:14
Amazon link:

***Best Budget camping Tents:
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  1. Another green tent? White light filtered through a green filter is known to cause depression and passivity. Ever heard of Institution Green?
    Anyway, I wouldn't spend my green on any of these products.

  2. If I am seeing a Coleman stove using a special Coleman fuel/gas bottle… I gotta say WATCH OUT PEOPLE. I still have some Exponent stoves from the 90's (which I LOVED) that I cannot use because they quit making the fuel bottles.

    As far as I recall they were the first and only double burner backpackable campstoves around and they were AWESOME. Though they weren't real popular because fuel was hard to find at times, those of us who had them and fuel LOVED THEM. FANTASTIC canoeing stoves as well!!!!

    They made an adapter to other brand bottles but I never heard about it and when the fuel bottles and adapter supplies ran out we got burned (pun intended). Unless their stove connection will work with other brand gas bottles I would steer away… UNLESS Coleman re-introduces Exponent gas bottles or more adapters. You can find them cheap on ebay from time to time but getting fuel… sadly nowhere to be found. I still have a brand new double burner in with my gear….

  3. Yes skinners look the part but I wonder what they would be like wading in the river metal detecting .Would they grip on round river stones.I hate carting wet sand shoes.I guess you could put these in a Clip-Lock bag ?

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