Top 10 Latest Camping Gear Inventions I Best Camping Gadgets I Part-7

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Top 10 Latest Camping Gear Inventions I Best Camping Gadgets I Part-7

***Best Budgets Camping gears:

Top 10 best camping and outdoor Gadgets list:
1. MYCANOE Folding boat 16:16
Amazon link:

2. R2GEAR MK3 13:38

3. Mollusc Nano 2 12:05

4. Wildish M.C. Hammie 09:43

5. Thermacell Backpacker 08:47
Amazon link:

6. Klymit Motion 60 07:10
Amazon link:

7. Trailhead Adventure Pant 04:30

8. Genesis Base Camp System 03:03
Amazon link:

9. NOZIPP 01:16
Amazon link:

10. Sun King Eco Solar Light 00:15
Amazon link:

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  1. This would be a great tent if it had a zippered bottom all around the whole thing–and plus a three inch "lip" at that base to keep the zippered part off the ground. No way to keep the "creepy crawlers" out of this tent.

  2. I thought the magnets in the sleeping bag was interesting. Also have a jet boil already & like it. The jet boil stove system seemed like it would be useful for a large group have not looked at the price of weight but I'm assuming it's several hundred dollars & weighs 3lbs jus guessing. Please don't judge all millennials based on this video. The rest of the products did not interest me & I wanted to punch some of the people in the face.

  3. 1200 bucks for that canoe. I can buy a boat on a trailer fully equiped and ready for water for that. Dont have to worry about a rock or fish punching a hole through it either.

  4. 3 guys camping/eating in the woods and rocking that sam smith song. ya man they so hardcore i had to put out my joint and die for a bit

  5. Jet Boil …this is like watching consumers magazine drive a test car through 7 seconds of water puddles& then measure luggage capacity in a way no one would . You need to put a common object like a phone , or sneaker next to it to give instant size recognition., then drop it on some ones head to show it's weight (or lack of it), don't we even get a price range?

  6. I hate music being over emphasized in videos like this. it should be very background not foreground. seriously it takes away from the video… I didn't see two products because I was writing this to tell you how obnoxious it is… seriously it isn't even good rhythm.

  7. hi im mark logan! and i have the product for you! its called the boner 2.0! its the best survival tool you can ever own! it acts as a spear, a knife and a saw! And the best part, all men get one free trial version of it called, The Boner Proto X! so come on down to jones barbeque and foot massage and get one now for just $9999.99! very affordable!

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