7 Macbook Gadgets You Should Have

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amazing MacBook gadget and accessories that will blow your mind

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#6.Marble: http://www.marbledcs.com/
#5.Tardisk : http://amzn.to/2A9h5xI
#4.The Apex: www.sanodesignlab.com/
#3.Micro ssd:
#2.Hub Plus: http://www.nonda.co/products/usb-c-hub-for-apple-new-macbook-12-plus
#1.Brick Case:


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  2. I hate that with a mac, you buy it over 2000$ and after you need to buy gadget and hard drive and you need to bring the gadget everywhere and there is no numeric pad on macbook…. i forgot, another gadget i supposed.

  3. £310 for that Tardisk!!!…..yeah i dont think so I could get an adaptor and a Micro SD card for around £40 that tardisk is extremly over priced
    not to mention that its surely breaking some copyright law in using the Gallifreyan script

  4. Most of that was pretty rubbish to say the least, Apple should be making products better and not keep removing features and charging more as Apple is supposed to be a premium brand but not when you have to attach all sorts of tacky accessories to connect your devices it is just stupid…

  5. This video should be a wake up call for Mac and Mac customers!! Buying a premium priced computer shouldn't result in so many shortcomings and even more money spent to solve problems Mac should have solved before going to market. Not enough ports, not enough power, not enough memory, but still costs $1000+ SMH.

  6. IMHO the stand beats the purpose of portability. I would have to carry that thing around along with a separate keyboard & mouse/trackpad. doesn't make any sense. the others are good though. cheers!

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