23 Mental Health Books for Anyone Who’s Going Through It Right Now

With everything going on amid the new coronavirus pandemic, you might have realized that you have no earthly idea of how to deal with extended isolation, anxiety, uncertainty, or the dozens of other mental health struggles of our new normal. Which is totally understandable, TBH. The ability to withstand a difficult situation like the one we’re in isn’t an inherent personality trait, it’s a learned skill. Specifically, it’s a skill that many people haven’t had the opportunity to develop before now. It’s not like we had an Emotional Education class where we ran therapy drills the way we did laps in P.E.

And while that might be fine when things are going swimmingly, skills to manage our mental health are crucial during a crisis like this one. We at SELF strive to write mental health content to equip you with these skills (including our Mental Health Awareness Month package, How to Cope). Sometimes, though, a deeper dive is necessary. Self-help books, workbooks, and mental health books can be useful additions to any self-care tool kit, so we rounded up a few to get you started.

Between recommendations from mental health professionals and books that people (including myself) have just found really, really helpful, hopefully there will be at least one that will help you cope during this tough time.

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