Experience with Ajarn Patana black magic? Any Reviews

Re: Experience with Ajarn Patana black magic? Any Reviews?
Charles Ma
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Experience with Ajarn Patana black magic? Any Reviews?

Has anyone experienced good results with Ajarn patana’s items? I am looking at the nam man prai.

Henry T
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I have heard about this Ajarn, would like to hear some feedback too. Are his items good?
Nee Leong
89 posts
I own a kumanthong made by Ajarn Patana, I can say that I have positive results after and because I have requested for a good career from master 2 years back. He has recommended adopting a kumanthong. Just about 1 month into it, I found a job. I am still in the same job that pays me very well. My boss and colleagues have been very good to me too. I do trust ajarn’s work and advice.
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Yes, ajan Patana’s items are one of the best I have seen. I have collected many amulets from popular monks. Ajan Patana’s items are the only ones that have real precious gemstones in it. The amulet I received from Ajan has sapphires and diamonds. Many of my friends were very surprised to know about it too when I show it to them. I can feel the energy going to my head when I meditate with it.
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Master Patana is a living buddha. He is not just another ajarn. His teachings are really unheard of and truly a master who has reached Buddhahood. People who has a chance to become his disciples or followers are truly blessed people and will experience good life.
Tan Beng L
14 posts
I have ajarn’s nam man prai. I was lucky to be able to adopt it 2 years ago. It was because of ajarn and the nam man prai, I have experienced my first awakening after following master’s instructions for 1 year. It was an indescribable experience. Indeed as ajarn has promised me. Wealth has come to me now, it keeps coming but right now deep inside me, I have no more desire for wealth anymore. It became a moment that wealth comes but I no longer feel excited about it. Ajarn’s items and teachings are truly amazing.
Pauline R
38 posts
Ajarn Patana is a real enlightened master. I agree that he must have reached Buddhahood. And yes his teachings are so special. His advices are golden. Just his teachings alone are worth sacrificing your life for. I felt so blessed.
Li Velerie
92 posts
Master’s magic rituals have helped me so much for the last 3 years. All he warned about has come true. I distrusted him at first because I was too impatient. I felt so guilty and he even instructed his follower Mr. Dang to send me an amulet to put under my bed to help me with my relationship problems. I didn’t know that the amulet he sent was so precious until I brought it to an amulet store to make plastic casing. It has precious gems in it.
Yang Jian
27 posts
I think you have to email them to ask if you are suitable for nam man prai. You cannot just buy off the website. Not everybody is suitable, no matter how much you can afford to pay. Send them an email to request first. I have requested twice but master said my karmic path is still not ready. He only gave me an amulet to wear and to follow some instructions he has given.
Carrie Khoo
54 posts
Yeah, you have to send an email to Mr. dang to ask master if you are suitable. I have requested before too. Master said that I am not ready too and I cannot get nam man prai at this time for any purpose. I have to clear 3 of my major karmic issue first. Master’s teachings and advises are indeed enlightening and I have experienced so many changes in my life. I am so so much happier now.

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