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This training provides an overview of the HOME Program, including changes made to the regulations in 1996 with the publication of the HOME Final Rule. It covers all program activities, including homeowner and homebuyer, rental housing, tenant-based rental assistance, and CHDO activities. This is a comprehensive introduction to the HOME Program, as well as an important refresher on the basic elements of the program.

Resource Links

  • Slides (PDF)
  • Table of Contents (PDF)
  • Chapter 1: Overview of the HOME Program (PDF)
  • Chapter 2: General Program Rules (PDF)
  • Chapter 3: CHDO Requirements and Activities (PDF)
  • Chapter 4: Homeowner Rehabilitation Activities (PDF)
  • Chapter 5: Homebuyer Activities (PDF)
  • Chapter 6: Rental Housing Activities (PDF)
  • Chapter 7: Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (PDF)
  • Chapter 8: Match (PDF)
  • Chapter 9: General Administrative/Monitoring Requirements (PDF)
  • Chapter 10: Other Federal Requirements (PDF)
  • Appendix I: OMB Circular No: A-87 – Cost Principles for State, Local and Indian Tribal Governments (PDF)
  • Appendix II: OMB Circular No: A-122 – Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations (PDF)
  • Appendix III: Notice CPD 96-07 – Guidance on Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Under the HOME Program (PDF)
  • Appendix IV: Notice CPD 96-09 – Administrative Costs, Project-Related Soft Costs, and Community Development Housing Organization (CHDO) Operating Expenses Under the HOME Program (PDF)
  • Appendix V: Notice CPD 97-03 – HOME Program Match Guidelines (PDF)
  • Appendix VI: Notice CPD 97-09 – HOME Program Income, Recaptured Funds, Repayments and CHDO Proceeds (PDF)
  • Appendix VII: Notice CPD 97-11 – Guidance on Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) Under the HOME Program (PDF)
  • Appendix VIII: Notice CPD 98-01 – Layering Guidance for HOME Participating Jurisdictions When Combining HOME Funds with Other Government Subsidies (PDF)
  • Appendix IX: Notice CPD 98-02 – Allocating Costs and Identifying HOME-assisted Units in Multi-Family Projects (PDF)
  • Appendix X: Notice CPD 98-09 – HOME Program Conflict of Interest Provisions (PDF)
  • Appendix XI: Notice OHHLHC 01-01 – Availability of Funds for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) Grantees for Clearance Testing Required by HUD’s New Lead Safety Regulation (PDF)
  • Appendix XII: Notice CPD 01-05 – The Use of HOME Funds for Projects to be Occupied by Children in Foster Care (PDF)
  • Appendix XIII: Notice CPD 01-07 – Instructions for Designating New Participating Jurisdictions (PJs); Reserving and Obligating Funds; Reallocating Funds; and Numbering HOME Investment Partnerships Agreements (PDF)
  • Appendix XIV: Notice CPD 01-11 – Environmental Review for the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (PDF)
  • Appendix XV: Notice CPD 01-13 – Commitment, CHDO Reservation, and Expenditure Deadline Requirements for the HOME Program (PDF)
  • Appendix XVI: Notice CPD 02-01 – HOME Program – Match Reductions for Fiscal Distress for Fiscal Years 2001 and 2002, and for Presidentially-Declared Disasters (PDF)
  • Appendix XVII: Notice CPD 02-02 – Notice of Procedures for Designation of Consortia as a Participating Jurisdiction for the HOME Program (PDF)
  • Appendix XVIII: M/WBE and Section 3 (PDF)
  • Appendix XIX: Labor Relations Letter 96-02 (PDF)
  • Appendix XX: Labor Guidelines (PDF)
  • Appendix XXI: Relocation (PDF)
  • Appendix XXII: HOMEfires (HTML)
  • Appendix XXIII: List of Publications (PDF)

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