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Below you will find links to useful information about different types of minerals, crystals, or rocks. Each link will take you to a special page that is a fully annotated, and a rather exhaustive look at the myriad of metaphysical uses and properties of that mineral, crystal, or rock.

Click on any mineral name or picture to see our new Encyclopedia pages. There is more to be seen than you ever imagined.

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  • aegerineThe Stone of Conviction
  • agateStones of Inner Stability
  • almindineGold of the Sea
  • amazoniteStone of Tangible Truth
  • amberStone of Courage Stone of Truth
  • amethystThe Artist Stone The Composer’s Stone
  • andradite garnetStone of Emotional Strength
  • apatite blueStone of Manifestation
  • apatite greenThe Earth Healer Stone
  • apatite yellowThe Stone of the Future
  • aquamarineThe Stone of the Sea
  • aura quartzA Stone of the New Age
  • aventurine blueAngel Raphael’s Stone
  • aventurine greenThe Stone of Opportunity
  • aventurine redThe Stone of Action
  • azuriteThe Stone of Heaven
  • bixbitesee Red Beryl
  • Black JadeSee Jade (Black)
  • bloodstoneChrist’s Stone
  • blue chalcedonyThe Speaker’s Stone
  • Blue JadeSee Jade (Blue)
  • blue lace agateThe Diplomat’s Stone
  • botswana agateThe Sunset Stone
  • brandberg amethystThe Master Healer
  • cacoxeniteThe Stone of Ascension
  • carnelianThe Singer’s Stone
  • celestiteThe Stone of Heavenly Communication
  • charoiteThe Stone of Connection with Home
  • chrysanthemum stoneThe Stone of Wealth and Honor
  • chrysocollaThe Stone of Communication
  • citrineThe Merchant’s Stone
  • crazyz lace agateThe Laughter Stone
  • creediteThe Stone of Creative Vision
  • dalmatian stoneA Stone for Joyful Fun
  • dendritic agateThe Stone of Plentitude
  • diamondThe Crysal of Light The King of Gems
  • emeraldThe Stone of Successful Love
  • fire agateThe Spiritual Flame of Perfection
  • fluorite – blueThe Healer of Souls
  • fluorite – blue johnThe Stone of Spontaneity
  • fluorite – clearThe Crystal of a New Perspective
  • fluorite – greenThe Genius of Purpose Crystal
  • fluorite – purpleThe Dream Crystal
  • fluorite yellowThe Crystal of Unity
  • garnetThe Stone of Health
  • Golden Berylsee Heliodor – this is the bright yellow Helidor variety
  • gosheniteThe Motherhood Stone
  • Green JasperGreen Jasper – See Jasper (Green)
  • Green SapphireGreen Sapphire – See Sapphire (Green)
  • Green TourmalineSee Tourmaline (Green)
  • grossular garnet(Hessonite, Tsavorite) The Stone of Abundance
  • heliodor(Yellow Beryl) The Stone of the Sun
  • HeliotropeSee Bloodstone
  • herkimer diamondA Stone of Atunement
  • IndicoliteSee – Blue Tourmaline
  • ioliteA Stone of Vision
  • jadeThe Dream Stone
  • jade blackThe Power of Stillness
  • jader blueThe Dream Stone
  • jade lavenderThe Stone of the Angels
  • jade purpleA Stone of Mirth
  • jade redThe Chi Stone
  • jasperThe Supreme Nurturer
  • jasper brownThe Sacred Stone of Protction
  • jasper greenThe Rain Bringer
  • jasper redThe Stone of Endurance
  • jasper yellowThe Stone of Discernment
  • kambaba jasperA Stone of Peace and Tranquility
  • kunziteThe Woman’s Stone
  • kyaniteA Stone of Emotions
  • labradoriteThe Stone of the Northern Lights
  • laguna_agateThe Stone of Flexibility
  • lapis lazuliThe Stone of Universal Truth
  • larimarThe Stone of Dancing Sunlight
  • malachiteA Stone of Protection
  • moldaviteThe Stone of Connection
  • mookatiteThe Stone of Bold Beauty
  • moonstoneThe Traveler’s Stone
  • morganiteA Crystal of Divine Love
  • moss_agateA Stone of Growth
  • nuummiteThe Sorceror’s Stone
  • obsidianThe Mirror Stone
  • ocean_jasperThe Atlantis Stone
  • onyxThe Scrying Stone
  • opalThe Eye Stone
  • Orange SapphireSee Sapphire (Orange)
  • Padparadscha SapphireSee Sapphire (Orange)
  • peridotThe Extreme Gem
  • picture jasperThe Stone of Global Awareness
  • pietersiteStone of the Tempest
  • pink_quartzStone of Innocence
  • Pink SapphireSapphire (Pink)
  • Pink TourmalineSee Tourmaline (Pink)
  • Purple Jadesee Jade (Purple)
  • pyriteThe Crystal of Postive Energy
  • pyrope_garnetA Stone of Vitality
  • quartzThe Perfect Jewel
  • que_seraThe stone of Qi Energy
  • Red BerylThe “Right Time” Crystal
  • Red JadeSee Jade (Red)
  • Red JasperSee Jasper (Red)
  • Red TourmalineSee Tourmaline (Red)
  • rhodochrostiteThe Stone of the Compassionate Heart
  • rhodoliteA Stone of Inspiration
  • rhodoniteA Stone of Gentle Healing
  • rose_quartzThe Crystal of Unconditional Love
  • rubyThe Gem of Kings
  • RubeliteSee Tourmaline (Red)
  • Samadhi QuartzThe Crystals of Bliss
  • sapphireThe Gem of Wisdom
  • sapphire – blackThe Gem of Intuition
  • sapphire – greenThe Gem of Enhanced Spiritual Vision
  • sapphire – orangeThe Gem of Wise Judgment
  • sapphire – pinkThe Gem Of Emotional Protection
  • Sapphire – violetThe Gem of Spiritual Awakening
  • sapphire – whiteThe Gem of Strength of Spirit
  • sapphire – yellowThe Gem of Wealth Attraction
  • Schorlsee Tourmaline (Black)
  • seleniteThe Stone of The Moon Goddess
  • seranditeThe Stone of Harmony
  • seraphiniteThe Stone of the Seraphim Angels
  • smoky quartzA Stone of Power, A Grounding Crystal
  • sodaliteThe Logic Stone
  • spessartineThe Warrior’s Stone
  • spirit_quartzA Crystal of Radiance
  • spodumineThe Stone for Emotional Space
  • sugiliteThe Shield of Light
  • sunstoneThe Stone of Illumination
  • tanzaniteThe Stone of Transmutation
  • tiffany stoneThe Stone of Mental Sharpness
  • tigers eyeStone of the Golden Ray
  • topazThe Crystal of Potency
  • tourmaline – blackThe Grounding Stone
  • tourmaline – blueIndicolite – The Crystal of Spirit and Peace
  • tourmaline – greenThe Crystal of Seeing with your Heart
  • tourmaline – redRubellite – The Stone of the Perfect Heart
  • turquoiseThe Stone of the Sky
  • turritelia_agateThe Stone of Survival
  • umbaliteThe Conqueror’s Stone
  • unakiteThe Stone of Balanced Emotions
  • uvarovite garnetThe Stone of Acceptance
  • Violet Sapphiresee Sapphire (Violet)
  • White Sapphiresee Sapphire (White)
  • Yellow Sapphiresee Sapphire (Yellow)

Please explore and enjoy our Encyclopedia –

–Linda Mason, Author