ENERGY OF CRYSTALS – How To Sense & Use Crystal Energies

Crystals have been on our planet for millions of years and their energetic properties have the potential to improve the mind, body, emotions and spirit. The energy of crystals and stones is well known to many ancient civilizations all over the world.

If you clear your mind and relax your body, you can get in touch with the energy field of a crystal. Many experts say the energy of a crystal is alive and conscious. Just like us, but with some clear differences. The structure of a crystal is unlike our own. It maintains stable energy that can influence our auric field through this beautiful thing called, entrainment.

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Crystals possess a balanced electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and a fixed molecular structure. While our energies fluctuate throughout the day depending on our environment, activities and moods, crystals possess a stable EMF that has the ability to influence our own EMF.

When your EMF is off, emotional imbalances and physical ailments can occur. If you introduce crystals into your personal space or carry one throughout the day, its EMF can help balance your energy. Meditating with crystals can help bring positive balance to your emotions, physical body and energetic field.

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Advancements in technology through Kirlian photography has shown us proof that energy emanates from objects like food, your hands, and yes, even crystals. The photo shown above displays the electromagnetic frequencies emitted from a quartz crystal. Crystal energy can influence your chakras and energy field when you wear crystal jewelry or have crystals in your home and office.

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Try this crystal exercise to tune into crystal energy with your intuition. Click on this page and scroll through the pages of crystals. Notice which crystals you become attracted to instantly.

Are you drawn to a color, a shape, a design? These factors are all related to energy as it has the ability to influence us through time and space. What you are attracted to is related to a magnetic force in your energetic makeup that is guiding you to improve your overall well being.

The color of a crystal emanates a frequency wave that can affect you. It’s like choosing clothing colors that you vibe with the most.

The mineral makeup in a crystal creates that crystal’s color which also affects your energy. Even the shape of a crystal has a unique affect and purpose.

Now try this….

Hold a crystal in your hands, close your eyes and take time to feel it’s energy. Notice how your body reacts and notice what comes to mind. Working with crystals takes time and practice. It’s good to hold them in your meditation practice to bring a higher level of clarity and energy to your life.


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