How to Sense Crystal Energy — KilmainCrystals

One of the most important aspects in working with crystals and stones is for you to make a personal connection to the crystal or stone. It is important for you to be able to recognize and feel the crystal energy to establish and strengthen the connection.

If you are new to sensing crystal energy, here are a few things to keep in mind:

First, it is best to work with a freshly cleansed and charged stone as the energies will be the strongest. Crystals can easily be charged and cleansed with Sage, Palo Santo, moonlight, sunlight, dirt, and water (make sure your crystal/stone is water safe). 

Second, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to sense crystal energy. Do what feels right for you, as you are your best guide and will discover what works best for you and your crystal over time. Crystal energy can be very subtle or very powerful depending upon the crystal or stone, your familiarity and connection with the stone.

Lastly, because crystal energy can be subtle, sometimes it can be hard to recognize or discern right away. Try not to get frustrated or disappointed if you have a hard time sensing the crystal energy the first few times. It can take time and practice to recognize the subtle sensations of crystal energy. The more you make a connection and practice with the crystal, the easier it becomes to feel and recognize the crystal energy.

To begin feeling and recognizing your crystals energy, start by rubbing your hands together for a few seconds to prep the energy centers in your hands.

Next, place and hold the stone directly into your hand(s). Use whichever hand feels most comfortable for you, or both hands if you prefer. Remember, you are your best guide and there is no wrong way to do this.

Take a few moments to really connect and tune in to the energy. Tune into the frequency of your crystal and take notice of any sensations you feel as you hold the crystal.

Start your focus with your hand and then physical body. What physical sensations are you picking up as you hold the stone?

Does the crystal start to feel hot or cold in your hand? Can you feel the crystal vibrating or shaking? Is the crystal buzzing or tingling on your skin? Do you feel the stone pulsing? Are you getting chills or goosebumps? Perhaps you are feeling tingles run down your spine. These sensations can indicate you are picking up the energy and vibrations of the crystal.