5 Ways a .ART Domain Sets Artists Apart

[Sponsored] Change is the only constant in life—and our biggest challenge and adventure is learning how to adapt to it. When the pandemic forced artists and creators to make the transition from in-person to online, many found that it was much easier with a strong online identity.

Everything starts with a name. While none of us had the choice when it came to our given names, we have total liberty and space for creativity when it comes to our digital identities. Just like writers adopt pseudonyms and singers invent the most striking names for their bands, every artist can give their personal career the best chance of growing with the right, one-of-a-kind naming.

This is where .ART comes in. It offers unique website names that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd and win against the digital “white noise.” By choosing yourname.ART as your digital identity, you create a point of entry for all the enquiries about your professional background, work, and projects.

Here are 5 ways having a .ART domain can help you build your digital identity.

1: Domain Name Is the Perfect Identifier

Art, in its deepest sense, has no borders or geographical designation. Likewise, a true artist is a global creator by definition. While a geographical or organization-type domain zone will be limiting, .ART is the perfect identifier. Understood in all languages, it easily communicates what you really are. Due to the domain zone’s relatively young age, there is a high chance you can find an absolute perfect match for your art project even when it’s currently unavailable elsewhere—at an affordable price.

Moreover, according to recent reports, having art-related content placed in a .ART domain zone creates a synergetic effect and might improve your SEO results when moving to .ART from other domain extensions.

2: Your Space, Your Rules

A website on .ART can be anything: a point of entry for all social media accounts, an online portfolio, a marketplace that generates a revenue stream, or a cool name for your NFT. As a website owner, you are the only one deciding on its content, which is especially important in times of censorship and other institutional regulations.

3: Expand Your Horizons

One of the biggest conundrums faced by artists when exhibiting offline is where to do it. The potential number of visitors, status, and costs are all part of the tricky equation. Digital space will always have more flexibility and potential for promotion or audience growth.

4: Enhanced Online Presence

In a world of an ongoing battle for media presence, it’s extremely important to get your name out there. Word of mouth is still a powerful tool of recognition, the effect of which can be amplified through the use of digital. .ART provides an opportunity for its adopters to have their artwork and announcements shared across regularly visited global .ART channels including blogs, newsletters, and social media accounts—driving traffic to your website.

5: All-in-One Benefits

.ART domain is more than just a website name. .ART offers a range of tools that streamline development for both newcomers and professionals. With .ART, you can use a free website builder, set up email accounts, and have the same domain set up as an easy-to-remember blockchain wallet address.

Suzanne Strobel

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