Photo of the Month Results in Luminar Insiders: April Winner

Time flies! April has come to an end, and thus our Photo of the Month April contest of 2022 is over. As always, your incredible submissions and stories have been a true joy to see! Thank you very much for sharing your photography journeys with us. Choosing just one winner among all of these splendid submissions has been truly challenging, but sadly there can be only one winner. Here comes the result.

The winner is…  David Rigau! Congratulations for this fantastic submission! 

To quote David: 

#PhotoApril22: Walking at the beach early one morning and a bunch of seagulls were resting on the beach. This one was on a post and looking like it was standing guard over the rest. I exposed this photo to the left side of the histogram making it a dark exposure. Using Luminar AI I used dodge and burn to darken the background and lighten the head and chest of the seagull to give a portrait lighting look.

Do you like this photo as much as we do? As the winning entry, it will be published in the Insiders Community and on our official Skylum Instagram shortly. We’ll be contacting David directly to share the prize.

Catch up on the #PhotoApril22 photos here, if you’ve missed the post.

The Photo of the Month contest of May will be starting soon, so make sure to participate!  

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