Talos Raises $105M and Reaches $1.3B Following New Funding

With a $1.25 billion value following additional fundraising, the cryptocurrency company Talos is moderately becoming the newest industry icon.

Talos is a corporate platform that was founded in 2018 and provides solutions for settlement, trading, and others.

The head of BNY Mellon’s FX, Jason Vitale, mentioned that the company is one of the new advisers on Talos’ Strategic Investor Forum, which is focusing on developing institutional solutions for the cryptocurrency industry. Vitale also stated:

“This investment is the latest example of BNY Mellon’s commitment to the future of digital assets.”

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Crypto trading company Talos has increased funding for firms such as Stripes, BNY Mellon, Citi, Ken Fox’s private trust company, and others.

According to a statement made last month, Talos has secured $105 million in a Series B fundraising round headed by General Atlantic, a prominent global growth equity organization. Cryptocurrency and conventional finance companies such as DRW, Voyager, Citi, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, BNY Mellon, Stripes, and others participated in the raise.

The shareholders Illuminate, Castle Island Ventures, Notation Capital, Fidelity Investments, and others from the $40 Series A round that ended last year in May, also participated in the fundraising round.

The CEO and co-founder of Talos, Anton Katz, has said that the funding round is a defining moment for the company, as a number of cryptocurrency institutions now refer to the organization as the world’s top digital asset trading platform.

In fact, the network of Talos partners includes a diverse range of organizations in the cryptocurrency world. FTX, Coinbase, and Binance are only a few of the various exchanges.

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