How I Won Mother’s Day Shopping at Costco

If you’ve been following the blog for the last year or so, you know that I am a fan of Costco, especially where their technology items are concerned. You really can’t beat their amazing tech return policy and concierge service. I’ve bought my wife’s laptop there, our computer monitors, lighting for the office, and a number of other tech-related items there. This year, I won Mother’s Day by shopping at the wholesale retailer. Here’s how. 

Costco’s Coupon Book 

Any time you are headed to Costco to do any type of shopping, look through the latest coupon book. As a member, you likely received one in the mail recently. Hopefully, you didn’t throw it away, but Costco has more waiting at the door even if you did. You can flip through the coupon book to see what items are special that month and what products are specifically marked down. 

In May, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day dictate a lot of the Costco sales. Flowers and at-home spa gifts for mom are commonplace throughout the store. As Memorial Day closes in, outdoor items, grilling needs, and beach gadgets. For my trip to the retailer, I focused on the latter. 

Shop the Sales 

Pinpoint some of the sales you’d like to check out while you are there. As you know, I have made some regrettable Costco purchases, including the $100 office chair. So, it is good to go into the store and check out what you are buying. You can also compare prices and brands by looking at the coupon book.

Go in with the idea that you will only look at the items you identified in the coupon book. Don’t go off track and spend 30 minutes looking at the new Google Home items they have in the tech department. Go straight to what you are looking for. The coupon book and shopping the sales weren’t the only things that lent me a hand though. 

Listen to Your Wife

Honey, I hope you’re reading this so that I can get the extra bonus points. Fellas, just listen to your wife. Chances are, she has straight up told you exactly what she wants for Mother’s Day (or any other holiday). This year, my wife has been asking for a new television for the bedroom. Our little one has essentially taken over our 65-inch TV in the living room, and she wants a place she can relax and watch her true crime documentaries. 

So, that’s exactly what I did. I bought a 58-inch Samsung Smart TV on sale at Costco for $429. While her family was here on Sunday, I got everything set up and we spent the evening watching TV in bed. It was a simple request and it’s what she got. I also got Costco’s awesome back massager for $60, priced over $100 normally. Those two things and some quality time spent with the family and I won Mother’s Day. Thanks, Costco.

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