Realty diva Xenia Karamanou cheers Greece Investment Citizenship

Many investors from different countries are choosing Greece among their favorite European countries in order to acquire a new home via “Greece Investment Citizenship”. Moreover, buyers coming from China, Germany, the USA, and middle-eastern countries especially Lebanon and the UAE have more potential interest in acquiring a new home in the Hellenic Republic. Greece Golden Visa is also an extension to the Greece Investment Citizenship program in the country.

Xenia Karamanou, one of the biggest Real Estate brokers and a prominent face because of her big associations and the deals, has already established a reputable name in the region. Xenia ascertains her work by recasting this competitive industry with her glossy appearance and outstanding personality, Which can be seen on her Instagram page where she has thousands of followers.

According to her, the Hellenic Republic is also known for its Golden Visa scheme, which attracts a large number of people, and one can grab this expression with the residence opportunity by just investing 250,000 euros.

“Investor interest from countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, remains strong, focusing on Villas in Myconos and Athens.”

– Xenia Karamanou.

“We expect prices to advance by about 10 percent in Q1 2023 despite the uncertain conditions,” Xenia noted.

Greece Investment Citizenship

Greece became the second home investment epicenter for European buyers, according to relevant data. Besides real estate investments, many people are also interested in visiting Greece for tourism purposes. In this index, Greece was ranked in the sixth position. Greece is also considered among the most friendly countries in Europe.

The main concern for the real estate market is the energy costs that may force some to either slow down or postpone investing.

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The new challenges in the real estate market, such as those formed after the war in Ukraine, the increase in energy costs, and the wider inflationary pressures, are at the base of assessments made by experts in the field, regarding the practice of the market.

The country’s infrastructure significantly improves accessibility, in a market where prices are rising but remain low compared to other European countries. Investors have given a vote of confidence to Greek properties, which now compete with homes in countries such as Spain and Italy.

Synthia Rozario

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