Goodbye SPM Apps. Hello Enhanced Web Platform

Here’s the short story: As of this week we no longer sell subscriptions through our iOS and Android apps. If you use one of our apps you may have seen a strange message that says “Sorry access to application is denied.” That’s not true (it was posted by our former app service without our permission or input) so there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re a paid subscriber you still have access to the magazine through our web platform. I’ll get into how to do that later in this article.

Here’s the full story: Street Photography Magazine began life over nine years ago as an iPad only app. It was an immediate success. We wanted to serve street photographers no matter what device they use, so about a year later we launched the web version of the magazine.  

Since then, our subscriber base has grown steadily, driven by subscribers to the web platform. We continually add features and functionality to the website to help our subscribers grow and progress as street photographers. And over the years, the vast majority of our subscribers began to use and prefer the more flexible web platform.  

Why are we getting rid of the apps?

Maintaining and updating the apps, staying in compliance with Apple and Google’s app rules, maintaining backend servers plus data transfer charges to deliver magazine content to the apps has continued to rise (and recent inflation has not helped).

The decision to remove the apps from sale (App Store lingo) was not made lightly. After all, we began this journey as an app. But the expense of delivering content via apps can be put to better use on new content and further development of the web platform which serves over 95% of our readers.

What’s Next?

First, in my opinion, the user experience of the mobile web version of our web publication is far better than the current version of our apps. And it will keep improving as we continually update the platform.

First – Cancel your app subscription through Apple or Google. You can do this easily on your mobile device.
Here are the Apple Instructions.
Here are the Google Pay Instructions.

If you are an app subscriber with an annual subscription, we recommend you contact Apple or Google to cancel your subscription and request a refund for the unused portion of your subscription.  To get your refund, you’ll need to get in touch directly with Apple and Google. We don’t have access to any transactions made through the App Stores (which is true for everyone who sells subscriptions through their platforms. Here are the links.
Apple Refund Link
Google Refund Link

If you subscribed through our app and created login credentials on our website through your app, your web subscription has already been extended. We have your contact information and we’ll be in touch with more details.  To view the magazine simply log into the web version of the magazine here using the credentials you created when you registered on our website.

A Special Web Subscription Offer for App Users

We know this abrupt ending to our app service has been a hassle, so to make it up to you we have a special discounted offer to all subscribers who purchased through one of our apps. You will receive:

  • First 2-months free for annual subscribers or first month free for monthly subscribers
  • We will honor your current subscription rate (or give you a special discounted rate…whichever is lower) if you decide to keep the subscription.

Please use the form below to claim you subscription continuation offer.

Bob Patterson

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