How to Interview Experts for Top Content Marketing

After sending an initial email, I’ll wait two to three business days. If I don’t receive a response, I’ll email again. If that yields no results, I’ll call the prospective source, media relations rep, etc., within one to two business days. If I get crickets after the third try, I usually move on. If I have a limited pool of experts and a tight deadline, however, I might try contacting another person in the organization. Being persistent (but not stalker scary) and reaching out to multiple people will often get results.

As a last resort for your content marketing, try a personal appeal. For example, if you want to interview a hospital CEO and the media relations department ghosts you, email the CEO or the CEO’s assistant. Explain how you and your family have received top-notch care at the hospital and how grateful you are. Provide enough details to be convincing, but don’t write a novel. Detail the nature of the expertise you seek and how much it would mean to you and your audience to interview the CEO.

Above all, respect experts and their time. They’re busy people who are in high demand and have many priorities. By granting you an interview and sharing their expertise, they’re doing you a favor.

Dawn Wolfe

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