How to Save Money on Groceries

Learn how to save money on groceries with these simple tips. 

Are you wondering how to save money on groceries? Lately, it seems like the grocery prices are on a constant incline. It can feel frustrating trying to stay within a budget and keep healthy food on your table. 

Personally, I know it has been hard to stay within our budget with food so I have been looking for ways to save. Keep reading to learn how you can save money on groceries. 

How to Save Money on Groceries

1. Create a weekly meal plan. 

One of the best ways to save money is to create a weekly meal plan and then head to the grocery store. The more we are at the store, the more we will spend. 

Use a meal planner to plan out your meals and then you will also have an ongoing list of meals to get ideas from. 

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2. Shop the sales.

Start paying attention to when items you buy go on sale. If you have a local grocery store that has Buy One, Get One sale, pay attention to those. The key is to buy the food if you would normally eat it. Do not just buy stuff because it is on sale because then you will end up overspending.

3. Sign up for rewards.

There are reward programs that you can use to gain points. My favorites are Fetch Rewards and Receipt Pal. With both of these, you scan your receipts after shopping. You will then earn points. 

You can save up the points to redeem gift cards. 

4. Create a master grocery list.

One thing I started to realize was that even with my weekly grocery shopping, I forgot things. Then I would have to run back to the store and always end up spending more. 

My husband came up with the idea to write out a master grocery list. This is a list of all of the essential things we keep in our kitchen (spaghetti sauces, favorite snacks, baking items, etc). 

Now, as I prepare my grocery list, I always check the master list and make sure there is nothing on that list that needs to be replenished. Grab this master list printable to write out your master list on!

5. Start growing some produce.

You can save money by growing some of your own produce. You could start by planting some lettuce and tomatoes in containers. If you have room, set up a small garden. 

My favorite items to grow are cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and herbs. Once these start producing, it is amazing to have an ongoing flow of fresh produce. 

6. Order online.

Whenever I shop online for my Walmart pickup, I find that I am saving money because I can see the total as I add items to the cart. Try shopping online and see if it helps you stay within a budget. 

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Learn how to save money on groceries with these 6 best tips.




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