TV of the late 1970s

TV Time ’78

We have featured many of Peggy’s books here on the site. She generally writes pop culture type stuff for youth. Probably not the most glamorous of writing gigs, given the parameters. Totally appropriate for the time and probably was good for those reluctant readers looking for stuff about television shows. All the big hits from the 70s and 80s are here: Rhoda, Mork and Mindy, and Happy Days.

She also did compilations like this one. A little bit of age appropriate gossip and some pictures of the celebrities. All clean and sanitized for our sensitive children.

I think you can safely weed these books since the intended audience is now approaching retirement. Extra credit for those who can name all the TV shows.


tv time back cover

tv time'78 table of contenets

welcome back Kotter

Erin Moran

cast of what's happening

Fonzie and Happy Days

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