How to Recover from Bad Relationship Arguments?

Disagreements, frustrations and disappointments are impossible to avoid in relationships.

Although we can’t avoid disagreements and frustrations in relationships, it doesn’t mean they have to turn into arguments. Disagreements aren’t the same as arguments. An argument occurs when two sides are approaching a disagreement in unhealthy and unproductive ways. An arguing couple in most cases isn’t seeking resolution, rather they are seeking to be right or prove someone wrong. Bad relationship arguments go to the next level, with extremes of yelling, name calling, or shutting down? Normally both side walk away not talking, and more upset than before.

What do you do when an argument has moved you to not talking?

Although our desire is to avoid arguments, especially bad ones, sometimes they happen. When your tempers are flaring and frustrations are overflowing, how do you reengage one another for the betterment of your relationship/marriage. In this podcast episode we share practical tips to help you win the battle for your relationship verses winning an argument. If you desire to have a healthy marriage/relationship you have to be able to recover from bad arguments (FYI… Frequent arguing is an indicator that you need to work on better communication skills as a couple to avoid arguments altogether).

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace and Keonte McDonald


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