Navigating “You Make Me Feel” and “I” Statements To Build Trust, Resilience, and Security – Jayson and Ellen – 398


Do you ever feel defensive, blamed, angry, or hurt when someone says, “you make me feel….”? Have you heard of “spiritual cock-blocking?”

This week Ellen and I talk about the potent and simple “I feel” statements and howwe impact one another and influence each other’s feelings and experiences by simply co-existing in the same space, both positively and negatively.

Learn how to navigate these difficult conversations by sharing ‘Impact Statements’ (a communication technique that leads with empathy while advocating for your experience) instead of pointing the finger and blaming/shaming someone for making you feel a certain way or using an impact statement if you’re on the receiving end of such a statement. Try to remember that conflict is essential in any healthy relationship because it offers the opportunity to repair, to get to know each other better, to be collaborative, all key elements in building security, resilience and trust.

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