Spot the robotic hound monitors the process at GloFo

Who saw that coming? GlobalFoundries, the United Arab Emirates-owned semiconductor manufacturer, has turned to Spot to help automate their data collection, apparently. This is for “condition monitoring and predictive maintenance,” says Boston Dynamics.

He’s actually on the beat at GloFo’s semiconductor manufacturing facility in Burlington, Vermont, which makes chips for communication devices and RF systems.

To be precise, the AI systems specialist Levatas is working with Boston Dynamics to take Spot to Burlington. Levatas can build computer vision models, based on gauges and motors of a variety of equipment, to provide Spot the cognitive intelligence it needs to know what it’s looking at. And then make decisions based on that information…

Boston Dynamics writes:

“Manufacturing facilities are filled with thousands of inspection points, and adding fixed sensors to all these assets is not economical. With Spot bringing the sensors to their assets, the team collects valuable information about the thermal condition of pumps and motors, as well as taking analog gauge readings. Since this equipment has a long life cycle and slow rate of change, the team can better monitor these assets over time – making better informed decisions to keep the facility running.”

As is customary, I will list some of Spot’s other work experiences. These include inspecting ruins at Pompeii, roaming a Norwegian oil rig, going on Covid-19 patrol in Singapore, becoming a sheep dog in New Zealand and helping builders redevelop the Battersea Power Station.

Wherever next? With thanks to BringBackGermanium, I’ll say Quo vadis Spote?

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Alun Williams

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