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Responses by Bruno Fonseca, head of marketing, Green Jacket Partners; and Oleh Koval, founder, Koval Web.

Background: “The site is to promote One Green Way, a gated community in the Algarve, Portugal, area with 89 serviced luxury residences,” says Bruce Fonseca. “Besides the website, we organized a Pro-Am golf tournament with some of the world’s best golf players and built a luxury sales office, hardcover book, spec book, billboards, promotional teaser and ads. The website plays a huge role since its visibility reaches a wide audience, and all communication sends people to the website from where we get most of our leads.”

Design core: “The site’s core feature reflects One Green Way’s sun element since our signature is 300 days of sun,” Fonseca says. “For us, the details we are most proud of are how the responsiveness works in several sizes, but more than that, all the animations and navigation make the website reach another level.”

Navigation structure: “The navigation features needed to reflect the property and find a way for people to fall in love with the area,” says Fonseca. “The importance of credibility highlights the team behind this project and the need to build constant news. An important detail is the need to get leads, so we placed a fill-in form on all pages.”

Time constraints: ”The time to launch was minimal due to the golf tournament with a set date to launch the project, and that date could not be changed,” Fonseca says. “We had three weeks to develop the website since we got all the design elements from the real estate agency. Besides that, the Koval team being in Kyiv with the Russian invasion and the uncertainty of whether they’d be able to finish the project on time, we truly value the fact that they ended up helping us release the website on time.”

Technology: “For the front end, we used HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript and the Gulp.js project builder,” says Oleh Koval. “We used GreenSock for the animation and WordPress for the admin panel.”

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