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It’s thought that around one fifth of all businesses lack updated emergency preparedness plans. Even if your business does have a good plan in place, disasters and emergencies can still happen quite unexpectedly, leaving you perplexed and overwhelmed. In either case, what’s most important is to know how to react in dangerous situations and handle them as efficiently as possible. To that end, here are some of the most common business disasters, as well as ways your company could deal with them effectively:

Burglary and theft

Unfortunately, theft represents a common threat for businesses of all types and sizes. Even the companies with more sophisticated, high-end security systems aren’t entirely safe from the most skilled and determined intruders. For that reason, enhancing your security system is absolutely essential.

If you ever experience burglary or theft, it’s always best to call the police as soon as possible so they could open an investigation. If you have security cameras, always check that footage and provide a copy to the police to accelerate the investigation. It might also be wise to conduct a thorough inventory of the facilities, especially any items that can be stolen quite easily.

Plumbing issues

Water leaks are common issues at home, but commercial spaces are no different, representing an incredibly damaging emergency. For example, leaky pipes and faucets might not be easily noticed, and they can do serious damage even before they are actually noticed. Running toilets could be sneaky as well, presenting themselves only when monthly water bills come back surprisingly high.

Regardless of the issue in question, it’s always best to contact a professional plumber to contain that problem. An expert will be able to identify the source of the plumbing issue and perform the necessary fixes, along with providing upgrades and replacements that will prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

Electrical problems

Electrical problems can also appear quite suddenly, and even lead to shocks, burns, fires, and even explosions if left untreated. That is why performing regular inspections and resolving any potential issues immediately is absolutely crucial. Australian businesses are well aware of this fact, for instance, which is why they often hire a level 2 electrician from Sydney to resolve their issues.

A skilled and experienced electrician is able to repair any damages, install necessary equipment, and offer 24/7 emergency services for all your power needs, thus enabling your business to function optimally regardless of setbacks. Consider finding a similar expert to ensure your company is always serviced as well.


No matter how careful you are, commercial fires can happen anytime and anywhere, whether they’re caused by faulty wiring, kitchen mishaps, or equipment use and malfunction. In case a fire ever occurs on your premises, finding ways to contain it is the first step you need to take, which is why always having a fire extinguisher on hand is absolutely crucial.

Then, it’s necessary to evacuate the premises in a calm yet swift manner, while ensuring any important valuables and documents are secured before leaving. The local fire station should also be called as soon as possible. Having an established fire drill and evacuation plan in advance can be of great help in this instance.


Earthquakes can happen anywhere around the world, but certain places such as California and Japan might be particularly susceptible to them. Whether your business is located in these areas, or you’d simply like to stay prepared, keep in mind that knowing how to act in this situation can be crucial for preventing injuries.

For this reason, educating your employees is absolutely essential, helping them to understand how to act in these situations. For instance, they should know what the duck, cover, and hold maneuver is and that they should always wait for the ground to stop shaking before evacuation. Similarly, the stairs should be used instead of the elevator, gas valves should be sealed properly, and a headcount should always be performed.

There are many different types of business disasters, all of which can happen quite suddenly, without any warning. While dealing with such serious problems might be challenging, handling the most common issues will be much easier with the advice mentioned above.

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