Photography Technology and its Impact on the Photography Business

This is a fun article for me to write and share because, for one, I went to college for photography technology and have a degree in it.

While many photographers were studying the art, I had the pleasure of also learning the business and the technology that would become the future.

While I learned how to process in a black and white darkroom, a color darkroom, to use a medium and large format camera, I also learned how to use Photoshop.

As soon as Lightroom was released I quickly switched over because I did not need all that Photoshop offered.

With all that said, I have always been the type of person to look toward the future of photography.

I used WordPress before it was popular.

I spent the remainder of my college savings on a way overpriced, and horrific DSLR. Because I knew that was the future beyond film.

I immediately switched to PocketWizards so I did not need cables to restrict or impede my work.

I used Topaz Labs plugins when they were the only option, and people didn’t want it. Now people love it and its AI capabilities.

The list can go on, of course.

But now I want to share what I believe are the core categories of the photography business, and art (because that is still a big part of the business), which are paving the direction for the future.

If you think I have left something out, please leave a comment to share.

Camera Technology

Just when you think camera companies cannot think of something new, they shock you and blow your mind.

  • Eye Tracking for autofocus just by looking
  • Facial Recognition, Body & Eye Focus for accuracy and sharpness

Lighting Technology

Light is everything in photography, and these products are truly changing the game, and making what we do easier and better.

  • Everything Profoto is doing with consistent, quality light (although very expensive)
  • Everything Westcott is doing with universal TTL support & consistency
  • Consistent LED lights for both constant and flash lighting
  • MagMod for innovating the light modifying game for all brands

Customer Technology

With customer-facing technology, processes like contracts, sales, upsells, and more become so much easier.

  • Studio Ninja & Sprout Studio for powerful and flexible CRM systems
  • Pic-Time for an elegant customer gallery and slideshow experience
  • Flodesk for making email marketing affordable for small businesses (and easy)
  • Fundy, Pixellu & Swift Galleries for making album design, IPS, and VIPS sales flawless

Post Production Technology

With AI culling and editing, photographers can charge more money for faster turnaround times, and deliver on it with profit.

Other Technology

  • Lightroom and Apple TV for displaying slideshows in-person to clients

This article will be an ongoing project that I hope to keep up to date on the latest and greatest in photography technology.

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