Everything I Know About Love TV Series 1 Review: New Coming Of Age Series

I have found myself a new coming of ages box set to binge watch.

Everything I Know About Love is a coming of ages series set in London adapted from the book of the same name.

I saw a trailer and thought this might be something which I’d like. I am only 1 episode in, but so far I am loving this!

If you’ve read my best box sets blog post you’ll know how much I love shows about friendship and coming of age, and (so far) that’s what this seems like.

The series is set in 2012, and is about 4 girls who live in a house share together in London. They’re fresh out of Uni, with main character Maggie and her childhood best friend Birdy sharing a house with friends they met at Uni, Nell and Amara.

Already you see the troubles of life, with money struggles, crappy jobs and of course going out and having a good time.

So far from episode 1 Maggie met a guy on a train, they don’t exchange numbers but as if by magic they run into each other in a bar in London.

I will not going into any more details as to not unveil any spoilers, not that I have much to share about the first episode.

So far the characters are good, they pretty much sum up a huge number of millennials and millennial life in 2012. But you can be forgiven if you think it’s set in present day, since life is still quite similar.

Young 20-somethings graduating from Uni with a whole load of debt thinking the world is easy, and then trying to get through a job when everyone else has a degree already. They can come across as pretentious, it’s not a group of working class friends and they have more of a middle class feel to them.

I am looking forward to watching the rest of the series, which is only 7 episodes long of 40 minutes each. You can watch Everything I Know About Love on BBC iPlayer right now.

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