The Performmaster C63 AMG V8 Final Edition is The Last Of Its Kind

By Adam Ferraresi, June 27, 2022

Mercedes will be drawing a line in the sand with the 4.0-Litre V8 twin-turbo engine. Emissions regulations, electrification, and the transition to electric vehicles are slowly killing off the era of the V-powered engine block. In the name of efficiency, Mercedes will replace the flagship V8 twin-turbo with a 2.0-liter, 4cylinder engine, supplemented by an electric motor.

And to mark this solemn occasion, German tuning and modifying company Perfommaster decided to pay tribute to the Mercedes V8 by creating a specially tuned edition, the Performmaster C63 V8 Final Edition.

Perfrommaster C63 V8 Final Edition - Rear

Perfrommaster increased the C63’s standard 503bhp to 612bhp which also bumped up torque to 840 Nm (620 lb-ft), a 140 NM increase.

Perfrommaster C63 V8 Final Edition - Details

Performance is savage but marginal, the 0-62mph takes 3.8seconds a 0.2 seconds increase over the OEM version. The Perfrommaster C63 V8 Final Edition will reach a top speed of 192mph.

Perfrommaster C63 V8 Final Edition - FQ

Performmaster has made a few aerodynamic and styling tweaks to the exterior. The modifications include side decals, gloss black trim, a rear spoiler lip, diffuser, side skirts an extended front splitter with aero winglets and modified grille al forged from carbon fiber.

The Mercedes recently informed most of its dealerships that it is canceling European production of the V8 twin-turbo. However, the company has confirmed the engine will continue to be sold in specific markets for at least another 10 years.

Perfrommaster C63 V8 Final Edition - Hero Image

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