Creed Tha Kid Unpacks His ‘Mixed Emotions Vol. 1’ EP

Creed Tha Kid released the six-track EP, Mixed Emotions Vol. 1, in June 2022. It’s a collection of hip hop, R&B, and pop music with a smattering of Auto-Tune and a hefty dose of the Brisbane-based artist’s customary vibrancy. The Māori-Australian performer built towards the EP with the singles ‘Wind It’ and ‘SWOLLEN’.

Creed describes Mixed Emotions Vol. 1 as a body of work “expressing my last two years of life.” He made the record with producers and co-writers Liam Thomas and Mess. “[They] always push me to be my greatest,” Creed says. Here, Creed provides a track by track breakdown of the release for Music Feeds.

Creed Tha Kid – ‘Mixed Emotions Vol. 1’


It’s a narrative statement about identifying loyalty and being able to leave behind the pressure of relationships that have done us wrong. It’s a study of what keeps you there when you know someone doesn’t have your best interests at heart, and then having the strength to find the self-respect to step away.

2. Wind It

‘Wind It’ is about feeling alone but knowing I can always come back to that person. It’s about not giving up on what I know makes me happy – committing to the journey, but having that soft place to fall if I need it.

3. Guide You

‘Guide You’ is influenced by the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly of being in a long term relationship. It’s about growing with someone and being comfortable with pain and change, but always falling back to that person that you can’t leave.

4. Luv Galore

‘Luv Galore’ is about falling in love so deeply, wholly and rapidly that you really don’t have a concept of what’s happened. It’s both a whirlwind but also something that deeply changes you. In a way you feel stuck because you feel like nothing else could be as familiar, as enveloping and as comfortable as this relationship.

Creed Tha Kid – ‘Wind It’

5. Flipped

On face value, people see us turning up, enjoying the moment and having fun, but at the end of the day, intensity, rejection and adversity is part of the music industry. When I created this song I imagined pouring a drink, turning down the lights and dancing at the top of that big pile of burning self doubt, long-haul late-nights at the studio, rejection, and uncertainty that builds a career. ‘Flipped’ is about being able to step back and enjoy it all.

6. Far Gone

‘Far Gone’ is me reminiscing on what we had, how far we have come, what we’ve built, all the changes we have experienced over the years, but then also recognising that we have come so far and there’s something special in that and all I want to do is move forward. Not wanting what you used to have, or getting caught up on the small stuff, just putting all of that aside and feeling really uplifted and focused on the next chapter with someone.

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