The National Gardening Association

Ourdatabase of plantshas been in continuous development since 2010, and now has over 700K plants and nearly half a million photos. Any member of NGA is allowed to contribute to it, and it has had many thousands of different gardeners collaborating in its development. We have a team of administrators and moderators who check each and every addition, helping to ensure accuracy at all times.

Every day new plants and photos are added by our members.

Each plant has all the important data details included, such as sunlight requirements, water needs, etc. For each plant, members can post photos, write comments, and enter in grower performance reports. For cultivars, we track parentage and allow gardeners to easily traverse family trees to see which pollen or pod parent each cultivar was bred from. We also have custom data fields for different kinds of plants. Tomatoes, for example, include data fields for heredity, fruit shape, etc.

Members can keep their own custom lists of plants that they grow (or wish to grow in the future). They can then use this list as a journal where they report milestones in the growth of all their plants. These lists also form the backbone of the world’s largest seed swap that occurs each fall, when tens of thousands of seed packets are shared amongst the NGA membership.

We also maintain beautifully designed plant care guides for each the main kinds of plants.